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or how a town wall turned into a town hotel …

The Founder
Hotel Innsbruck was built by Johann Ischia on the foundations of the former town wall. Exclusivity and tradition unite to an experience with a difference that is filled with modern life and history at the same time.

The Origins
of today‘s Hotel Innsbruck date back to Josefa and Johann Ischia (1870-1930). After WWI the couple Ischia founded a business that was soon to be very successful and lucrative. They bought the traditional guesthouse Roter Adler and restored it to a modern hotel business.
Later on the house was managed by their daughter Dora and her son Johann Ischia jun. In 1974 the building works for today’s Hotel Innsbruck started, a project that was pursued by Johann Ischia jun. with a lot of personal commitment.

Historische Funde, Stadtmauer Historische Funde, Stadtmauer Historische Funde, Stadtmauer

The Ischia family has proved its entrepreneurial spirit, its vision and innovative power over generations. Already at “Roter Adler” guesthouse they had the first lift of Innsbruck installed – a novelty that caused quite a stir in the region at the time.

Hotel Innbsruck, Personenlift Hotel Innbsruck, Urkunde Hotel Innbsruck, Prospekt

Right from the start Johann Ischia and his wife Margit made Hotel Innsbruck one of the most modern houses of the town. The integration of an indoor pool, a large sauna and a private underground garage set new standards for the Innsbruck hotel businesses. Every since then it has been a matter of course to continuously invest into the infrastructure and extension of the house.


1999 – 2009

Up to the year 2000 Margit Ischia and her daughter Verena managed the business together. Eventually Margit Ischia retired from active hotel management and handed the business over to her daughter.

In the years to come investments for the guests’ well-being were made continuously – an overview:

1999    Reconstruction of the lobby, conservatory and the restaurant, conference rooms
2001    Modernization of the room of the “Haus Ischia” annex
2002    Renovation of the rooms and bathrooms of the Inn-facing rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor
2003    Wellness area and swimming pool
2004    Renovation of the rooms and bathrooms of the Inn-facing rooms on the 3rd, 4th, 5th floor;
            Innrain facade
2005    Renovation of the technology and installations
2006    Air-conditioning for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor, old town and courtyard
2007    Air-conditioning and bathrooms 4th and 5th floor, old town and courtyard
2008    Rebuilding and shielding of the reception area and offices – “Panorama Wellness”   extension
2010    Installation of the new hotel programme
2011    Installation of flat screen TVs and wi-fi in all rooms
2011    Installation of the Key-Card locking system
2012    Renovation of the rooms in the 3rd floor
2013    Renovation of the ventilation system, renovation of 14 rooms
2014    New comfort sleeping system

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