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The memon® technology is based on the scientific finding that ill-making information is caused by electromagnetic fields and by water pollution. To neutralize this invisible, yet noticeable influences Hotel Innsbruck has decided to use the Memonizer in the entire hotel.

What does the 4-system Memonizer do?

• Neutralizes electric smog – inside and outside
• Neutralizes earth rays (geopathic stress zones)
• Boosts ion circulation – provides for clear air,
   reduces respirable dust by up to 75%

Effects in the Rooms

The water-memonizer positively changes the energy structure of the water – less scale forms as an effect. In the entire house we can thus always offer fresh and renatured memon-water.

Effects in the Wellness Area

The pool-memonizer reduces the chlorine odour, as well as skin and eye irritations. A pleasant, soft water quality provides for swimming pleasures with a difference.

Advantages of the Memon-System

• Recreation thanks to clean air (up to 75% reduction in respirable dust)
• Respirable dust reduction and the resulting low-stress climate
   are especially soothing for allergy sufferers.
• The hotel is free from radiation. Sleep quality improves –
   recreation and relaxation are easier and more effective.
• Improved sleep contributes to an increased joie de vivre
   and ensures a pleasant stay.
• Avoidance of cellular stress by electric smog: Especially guests
   that have stress or burnout symptoms need protection.
• Drinking water and the pool water are renatured.
• The entire body is detoxified in a natural and soothing way.
• No unpleasant chlorine odour.
• No itching or burning of the eyes or the skin.

Advantages for Conference Guests

• Perfect room climate in the entire hotel (up to 75% reduction in respirable dust)
• Natural health care
• Increased achievement potential, increased life energy and vitality
• Improved concentration for effective work
• No electric smog stress
• Harmonious work climate
• Feeling of well-being in the work environment

Experience a noticeable and special feeling of well-being at Hotel Innsbruck. Let your most precious days of the year be your energy source for everyday life.

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